electroBlast ingredients
Quality Commitment to Our Customers
electroBlast has been formulated in a liquid delivery system using ionic
minerals for instant osmotic ability to get into our cells fast and
includes more natural ingredients, including natural flavors and in our
Lemon-lime, stevia for their refreshing and pleasant qualities.  We
know you will appreciate our strong commitment to making a more
natural premium product.

electroBlast contains NO artificial colors or flavors.  It does
contain aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, sucrose,
fructose, polyethylene glycol(PEG), propylene glycol(PG), red, blue,
green or yellow dyes. Artificial ingredients included in the above list
are found in many sports, electrolyte drinks on the market today. Our
natural flavoring does not contain propylene glycol found in many
flavored products. We use natural oils.

electroBlast is low carb, low calorie,  and has a refreshingly natural
and delicious taste.  Plus it's portable and ideal for those who wish to
eliminate their intake of high calorie refined sugars, including high
fructose corn syrup, glucose, fructose, and dextrose.

Simply squirt from our pump bottles our fine electrolyte concentrate
into  8 oz. water or more to suit your tastes and enjoy-- ANYTIME,
ANYWHERE.  We pledge to consumers  to keep making electroBlast a
naturally better product.  Compare to other sports, electrolyte, and
low carb drinks and let us know what you think!
Water, Trace minerals, electrolyte-forming Proprietary Micronutrient Blend
500mcg ++(containing trace amounts of Copper+, Manganese+, Zinc+,
Cobalt++, Selenium+, Silica+, Iodine+, Sodium+, Potassium+, Chromium+,
Boron++, Magnesium+),   Other ingredients: Purified water, Magnesium Sulfate
and other minerals found in seawater, Citric acid.  electroBlast Original also
includes stevia (leaf) natural lemon-lime.  electroBlast unsweetened/flavors
contain natural essential oils.

*Daily Value (DV) based on 2000 calorie diet. + Contains <1% DV.  ++ DV not
established. :Each electroBlast serving  contains less than 5 Calories, less than
1 gram Carbohydrates (<1%DV),  and 0 Fat., See label for more complete
product information.

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