Do you have:
symptoms of dehydration-
Poor Memory
Jet lag
Lack of energy. .
.electroBlast can help

What other symptoms do
you have?
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*12 electrolytes (not 2 like most sports
* NO CARBS    *No sugar
* NO Artificial Anything - no sugar sports
* Environmentally friendly
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*The ultimate electrolyte energy drink for
stamina and endurance
* Unsweetened sports drink
After taking electroBlast during a transatlantic flight, I
stepped off the plane in Paris the most refreshed I've
ever felt after an 8  hour trip, and I travel frequently."  
V.C., Events Planner, Washington, D.C.
"Taste was very refreshing.  electroBlast tasted so
good I would purchase it over E'merGen-C."
D.O., Nevada
"I'm over 65 and was surprised  how quickly
electroBlast helped me.  When I was fighting a
mountaintop fire over the summer, the 40-something
guys were having to rest a lot more than me."
H.G. , Woodsman & Firefighter
"electroBlast in water replaced the high carb
juices and breakfast drinks that had always been
part of my weight problem.  Six months later, I'm
45 lbs. lighter and feeling great!  Thanks
W.D., Massachusetts

"As an energy drink it's the best. Gives me
stamina and endurance - not just a quick jolt."
-C.A., Massachusets
I was introduced to Electroblast at Ironman China
at which I was a competitor. Race day turned out
to be very hot (in the high 30'sC). I was using
electroBlast for the whole race (more than 16
hours!!!) and I have never felt any cramps on my
body. I tend to sweat a lot and I have tried
different products in the past and I think I have
found the ONE!!
–        Bernard Poon, Hong Kong.

Audio Clip
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Listen to the founder of electroBlast explain
why you need electrolytes and no sugar sports
drinks and why most sports drinks don't
contain actual electrolytes.
(be patient.. takes a little time to load)
electroBlast 12 electrolyte No Sugar
Broad Spectrum Trace-Mineral Concentrates
. . .the ultimate in rehydration and multi-electrolyte
replacement to prevent dehydration!

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2 OZ. PUMP BOTTLE~ great for helping with         
electroltye imbalance. A powerful "electrolyte drink"

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