About US

ninahawkerpsfHi – my name is Nina Anderson . As a corporate pilot flying a Hawker jet I was so tired of not having anything to drink at airports except soda pop or plain water. I also did some research and found I needed electrolytes to help from getting dehydrated while flying at altitude. All of the electrolyte drinks I could buy either had sugar or artificial sweeteners plus dyes and other stuff I didn’t want to put in my body. I also knew that most bottled water was purified which removed lots of the electrolytes. I got together with my friend Leila Baroody, who owned a Cherokee Archer and had the same concerns. So we decided to make our own.

The result is electroBlast. I worked with a company that had been using the proprietary formula for many many years and decided that was just what I needed in my concentrate. I didn’t want to carry around big bottles of the stuff so had it packaged in a concentrate form that I could just put in any water bottle. The lemon-lime was just sweet enough for me, but sometimes I wanted