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I think the electroBlast is a great product. Our flight crews take long flights, both as airline passengers and as pilots checking out ILS’s and VOR’s in other countries flying in our Hawker. Our pilots added the electroBlast tablets to the bottled water we carry on board, drank it instead of soda and also used it during exercise.  Overall, the electroBlast helped reduce fatigue by keeping the crews hydrated with some good tasting drinks. I would recommend it to any flight crew. –Capt. C.L., FAA Flight Inspection Pilot, Oklahoma

I thought it was terrific! –E.I., Commercial Charter Pilot, General Aviation, Mass

At first I was a skeptic, but now ‘electroBlast’ has become required equipment on all of DSFI flights. I wouldn’t think of spending the day in the cockpit without electroBlast. –D.S., President/Chief Instructor DSFI, New York

Our company specializes in ferrying helicopters throughout Asia.  In the past few years, three of our pilots have been hospitalized for hyponatremia during ferry flights. Subsequently, we ensured that each aircraft departed with an ample supply of both water and isotonic drinks. With electroBlast’s generous mineral content, we’re confident there’ll be no more cases of hyponatremia. –D.S., Chief Test & Delivery Pilot, AviAsia, Singapore

Apart from being just right for our special [transatlantic] flight, they also have a very pleasant taste. Congratulations for this product…-M.D., Travesia 2004 Trans Andean and Transatlantic Flight Project, Chile

I was surprised how effective it was as well as how good it tastes. ( I have to admit, I was a bit skeptical). Have you considered making it available to airline pilot groups through their companies? Thanks again and good luck with your product. -C.W., Kentucky