Why Electroblast?

We Have Proof!!!

20100524163034125Live Blood Cell Analysis done in May 2010. After only 5 minutes on electroBlast it showed a marked improvement in white blood cell size (your immune system) and its ability to munch up free radicals (the bad guys), showed dispersal of red blood cells instead of clumping (which reduces their effectiveness) and showed reduction of liver stress lines which meant the electrolyte were supporting the liver. See the results and analysis on YouTube:

Live Blood Test Summary

Before electroBlast test results

After electroBlast testing

auraCheck out these short YouTube clips. The test was conducted on a person both before and only 5 minutes after taking 4 oz. of electroBlast. The machine used was a Gas Discharge Visualization Camera/Computer/ Software Complex. It definitely shows electroBlast provides balance to the body, support for compromised organs, power for the body and a relaxation effect. This is why you get stamina, endurance, better concentration and stronger immune response. Click on the links below. (3-4 minute ea.)

electroBlast GDV test #1

electroBlast GDV test #2

electroBlast GDV test #3

electroBlast GDV test #4

electroBlast GDV test #5

electroBlast GDV test #6

electroBlast GDV test #7 (Balance)

electroBlast GDV test #8 (thyroid support)

ebsailingbwcroppedThe ElectroBlast ADVANTAGE

Natural electrolyte concentrates make it easy to enjoy a refreshing beverage with essential electrolytes wherever you are. There are no messy powders or heavy bottled drinks. Inexpensive as there can be as many as 600 pumps per bottle. If you use 10 pumps per drink you will get a lot of mileage from this tiny bottle.

  • GREAT TASTE. Finally an electrolyte drink known for its great refreshing flavor!
  • NATURALLY BETTER. Contains no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Naturally Better Commitment to Our Customers says it all.
  • PORTABLE, CONVENIENT. Individual pump bottles easily fit into a pocket, pack, or hydration system. Airline friendly.
  • LOW CARB/ LOW CALORIE. Each serving has just 5 calories with virtually no carbohydrates.
  • MAKES A GREAT SPORTS AND HYDRATION DRINK. Just pumpĀ our concentrate into any water or sports bottle, soup or any liquid. Avoid the sugar high/crash cycle and take control of what and when to carb.
  • FAST ABSORPTION. Ionic trace minerals in electroBlast are quickly absorbed once dissolved in liquid. electroBlast’s superior formulation offers more than just the sodium and potassium electrolytes you find with other products.