Internal Skin Elixir
Natural Internal Skin Elixir

Instant electrolyte rehydration - just pump into

Nourish your skin from the inside

Provides 120ml drink concentrate per bottle
11 essential trace minerals - the perfect
combination to form electrolytes

Unflavored, unsweetened -
perfect to add to any beverage

2 oz. bottle $18.99
makes 60 drinks
"The American people are deficient
in minerals. Our physical well-being
is more directly dependent upon the
minerals we take into our system
than upon calories or vitamins."
U.S. Senate document #264
"Electrolytes are the primary factors
for cell and immune system health."
-Gillian Martlew, N.D., author of
Electrolytes the Spark of Life
"Good skin hydration is one of the
most important aspects of attaining
and maintaining youthful skin. The
skin?s moisture content diminishes
to 50% over age 40 and needs to be
replaced both externally and
internally."-Gerald Olarsch, N.D.,
and Dr. Howard Peiper, authors of
Naturopathic Secrets for Healthier
"Naturally occurring minerals are
filtered out through our purification
processes making bottled water
deficient and thus the need for
supplementation."-Nina Anderson,
S.P.N., author of Analyzing Sports
INGREDIENT INFORMATION: Each electroBlast serving  contains 0 Calories, less than 1
gram Carbohydrates (1%DV),  and 0 Fat.,Water, Proprietary Micronutrient Blend 500mcg
++(containing trace amounts of Copper+, Manganese+, Zinc+, Cobalt++, Selenium+,
Silica+, Iodine+, Sodium+, Potassium+, Chromium+, Boron++,); Other ingredients: Citric
acid,  potassium sorbate.*Daily Value (DV) based on 2000 calorie diet. + Contains
<1% DV.  ++ DV not established.
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