electroBlast: How we started
Hi - my name is Nina Anderson . As a corporate pilot flying a Hawker jet I
was so tired of not having anything to drink at airports except soda pop or
plain water. I also did some research and found I needed electrolytes to
help from getting dehydrated while flying at altitude. All of the electrolyte
drinks I could buy either had sugar or artificial sweeteners plus dyes and
other stuff I didn't want to put in my body. I also knew that most bottled
water was purified which removed lots of the electrolytes. So I decided to
make my own.

The result is electroBlast. I worked with a company that had been using the
proprietary formula for many many years and decided that was just what I
needed in my concentrate. I didn't want to carry around big bottles of the
stuff so had it packaged in a concentrate form that I could just put in any
water bottle. The lemon-lime was just sweet enough for me, but
sometimes I wanted an electrolyte juice or just plain water so I recently
developed the unflavored version so I could just pump into any beverage.
Many of my friends have told me that this helped them with their jet lag,
hangovers, joint pain, heart palpitations and athletic endurance. I have
found that since I have been using it my fingernails are super strong, my
hair isn't turning gray anymore, my heart palpitations stopped completely,
my knee pain has gone away and I don't get fatigued like I used to. I also
can think better in the airplane, which I'm sure my passengers appreciate.
Maybe all these symptoms aren't relieved by just the electrolytes but I
know they help. Isn't that what hospitals give you when you are sick?

It seems we are an electrolyte deficient society...little in the soil so food is
becoming mineral deficient, purified water which removes many of the
minerals, and vitamin supplements that may choose the wrong minerals
(big ones can't get absorbed nearly as well as the tiny kind that we use). I
always tell people that electrolytes are the spark for your body's battery
and the foundation of your personal "house".  If that foundation is weak
the rest of your body will suffer and eventually fall down. I've experienced
good results and am very happy I have electroBlast in my flight bag.