Q & A
Background on electrolytes

What are electrolytes?
Electrolytes are formed when certain minerals come together in solution, creating electrical
activity and providing energy for the body. The resultant ionic charged particles from the minerals
are more readily absorbed by the body from solution or water. Adequate electrolyte balance is
crucial to many bodily functions including cellular rehydration, facilitation of oxygen delivery for
peak brain function, sports performance and maintaining adequate muscle tone, circulation,
energy levels, digestion, toxin removal, proper nervous and immune system function.

Who should consume an electrolyte drink?
Electrolyte drinks can be used by virtually anyone. .  . for the sports competitor or physically
active person, for pilots or travelers in jets, airplanes, or other dehydrating conditions, and for
everyday use to provide an electrolytic "spark" when you feel fatigued in hot environments, a low
humidity workplace, at home or at leisure. Very often, people can be in a dehydrated state
without realizing it, resulting in less than optimal physical activity as well as a foggy brain feeling.

Why is the electroBlast drink an  ideal electrolyte beverage?
The light  flavor  makes electroBlast a refreshing and very satisfying low-carb drink offering
electrolytes for rapid hydration and absorption. The electroBlast individual liquid packets are
portable (so compact it fits in your pocket!), convenient, and easy to use, especially for low -carb
and active lifestyles. In addition to sodium and potassium, electroBlast offers other essential
trace minerals (Chromium, Zinc, Selenium, Silica, Cobalt, Manganese, Iodine, Copper, Boron,
Magnesium)..  And, unlike most electrolyte drinks, it  can  be consumed HOT or COLD and diluted
to suit your tastes,  environmental conditions, and your needs! It is diabetic safe - without sugar
or artificial sweeteners.

When should I drink electroBlast?
electroBlast may be enjoyed on an everyday basis as needed for a mineral/vitamin supplement,
or as an electrolyte hydration drink with regards to  perspiration, rehydration, and/or  physical
activity. For best hydration, you can take it to suit your needs - before, during, and after exercise
-  preferably before eating food.

Why not carbs?
electroBlast doesn't have much in the way of carbohydrates. Why not?Many sports and
electrolyte replacement drinks add carbohydrates in the form of high fructose corn syrup,
sucrose, or fructose, any of  which may compromise digestion and absorption and may promote
the sugar high/crash cycle. Beverages high in carbohydrates that are absorbed more slowly into
the body may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, especially when consumed in the larger
quantities needed for rehydration. electroBlast has less than one gram of total carbohydrates.  If
you desire a boost from carbohydrates, you may wish to complement the electroBlast drink by
consuming an energy bar, gel,  or additional carbohydrates (preferably about 20-30 minutes or
so after drinking electroBlast).  With electroBlast you control your carb intake!

What makes electroBlast so good?
Along with electrolyte-forming minerals, electroBlast has been formulated with refreshing natural  
flavors and in the original Lemon-Lime, a tiny amount of extract from leaves of the herb, stevia.
Stevia is reportedly 250-300 times sweeter than sugar and contributes virtually no calories or
carbs to the diet. Stevia has been used by those who have desired a more natural alternative to
artificial sweeteners and  those who have wanted to lower their intake of carbs, calories and
refined sugars.  

Can I pre-mix the electroBlast drink for use at a later time?
Absolutely! The concentrate is designed to pour into any water bottle for convenient use in the
gym, at work, or on the trail during the same day. You may also refrigerate the pre-mixed drink to
keep it at a cooler temperature for use later in the day.

Can ice cold water be used to make my electroBlast drink?
Yes. The concentrate can be poured into cold or hot water as desired.

Can I swallow the electroBlast supplement without dilution?
No. electroBlast is designed to be dissolved in  8 ounces or more of water  to suit your taste. This
activates the electrolytes. The resultant refreshing drink is then ready to be enjoyed. We
recommend drinking the electroBlast beverage slowly for best results.

What are trace minerals and why are they so important today?
Trace minerals are broadly defined as those micronutrient minerals for which the body requires
less than 100 mg  per day. Thus, in supplement form, trace minerals are provided in tiny amounts
measured in micrograms (100 micrograms = 1 milligram).  Because of the increasing occurrence of
mineral depletion in soils, conventional foods may not have the trace mineral content once
available to previous generations. Research is continuing to uncover possible links between  
trace minerals and certain health situations.  In sum, the presence  of  essential  minerals in our
food supply in a bioavailable form may indeed be significant  for optimal health.  

How are electrolytes in electroBlast more readily available to the body?
The electroBlast drink contains a Proprietary Micronutrient Blend of electrolyte -forming minerals
in ionic form. Because ionic substances are so small, they can more easily pass through the
body's soft tissue, which facilitates maximum absorption.

Why pick electroBlast over other sports or electrolyte drinks?
electroBlast concentrates are portable and convenient for quenching your thirst -- ANYTIME,
ANYWHERE--in the gym, on the trail, or in the workplace.  They are easy-to-use and do not
provide unnecessary calories typical of many sports/electrolyte replacement drinks on the market
today (Just take a look at the labels of electroBlast competitors!). When poured into water, the
concentrates energize your water with essential electrolytes... with one of the most rapidly
assimilated solutions into the body

Commitment to Our Customers-electroBlast contains NO artificial colors or flavors. It does
NOT contain aspartame, acesulfame potassium, sucralose, sucrose, fructose, polyethylene
glycol (PEG), propylene glycol(PG), red, blue, green, or yellow dyes. Artificial ingredients
included in the above list are found in many sports and electrolyte replacement drinks and
effervescent tablets on the market today.