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I was introduced to Electroblast at Ironman China at which I was a
competitor. Race day turned out to be very hot (in the high 30'sC). I was
using electroBlast for the whole race (more than 16 hours!!!) and I have
never felt any cramps on my body. I tend to sweat a lot and I have tried
different products in the past and I think I have found the ONE!!
Bernard Poon, Hong Kong.

As an ironman triathlete, international competitor in nordic skiing, biathlete,
and ultramarathoner, I've tried just about every sport drink out there.  
electroBlast delivers what I need, when I need it, better than anything else
I've tried, no question, with no "bonk".   I've found my fuel!  
K.K., Connecticut

"I thought it was excellent!  I tried it at a bicycle race - it was great for
endurance and tasted good.  Other people tried it and thought it was a
great product, too".
T.S., California

"So many similar products either taste awful or contain an unreasonable
amount of calories.  electroBlast tastes great, easy to use and definitely
replenishes the body quickly.  During the 1/2 way point of a 60-mile bike
ride in the heat of the day, I drank an 8 oz. water with electroBlast and
was able to regroup faster and take on the next 30 miles with the same
energy as the first 30.  Best features: ease of use and on a personal note
no aspartame."
S.J., Maryland

"On longer hikes, I fill all my bottles with water. Then I use the tablets
when I need them. It's a good system."
R.S., New Mexico

"I do a fair amount of hiking/backpacking and electroBlast will definitely be
a required piece of gear for all my future trips.  Finding a good quality
sports drink with no added sugar is a challenge.  I also like the portability
S.F., North Carolina

"This is a great product for runners.  The electroBlast is easy to carry,
ready to mix into any beverage, and give noticeable results before, during,
and after a long run.  I find this product as effective as any sports drink I
have used, without the added sugars." R.P., Wisconsin

"The diluted electroBlast drink is light enough to use during a 10K.  I like
the idea that it doesn't have any sugar in it."  
J.J., New Mexico

"The electrolyte drink is good for eliminating stomach and leg cramps. After
a long run or good exercise outdoors leg muscles tend to tighten up with
charlie horses afterwards."
L.B., Nunica, MI

"I typically exercise 2 1/2 hours 4-5 times a week. When my doctor
recommended it to replace the Gatorade I was drinking for electrolyte
replacement and provided me with samples, I immediately saw the
benefits. It is very low in calories, tasty, effective and reasonably priced. I
know using it has improved my own health and would recommend it to any
athlete seeking electrolyte replacement."
Susan Mann, MD

"It's around the 16th or 17th hole where I start to feel fatigue and lose
concentration - That's where electroBlast really helps my endurance and
makes a difference in my game."
J.B., college student and golf instructor, Texas

"I think the electroBlast is a great product.  Our flight crews take long
flights, both as airline passengers and as pilots checking out ILS's and
VOR's in other countries flying in our Hawker.  Our pilots added the
electroBlast tablets to the bottled water we carry on board, drank it
instead of soda and also used it during exercise.  Overall, the electroBlast
helped reduce fatigue by keeping the crews hydrated with some good
tasting drinks.  I would recommend it to any flight crew."  
Capt. C.L., FAA Flight Inspection Pilot, Oklahoma

"I thought it was terrific!"
E.I., Commercial Charter Pilot, General Aviation, Massachusetts

"At first I was a skeptic, but now 'electroBlast' has become required
equipment on all of DSFI flights. I wouldn't think of spending the day in the
cockpit without electroBlast."
D.S., President/Chief Instructor DSFI, New York"

Our company specializes in ferrying helicopters throughout Asia.  In the
past few years, three of our pilots have been hospitalized for
hyponatremia during ferry flights.  Subsequently, we ensured that each
aircraft departed with an ample supply of both water and isotonic drinks.  
With electroBlast's generous mineral content, we're confident there'll be no
more cases of hyponatremia."  
D.S., Chief Test & Delivery Pilot, AviAsia, Singapore

"Apart from being just right for our special [transatlantic] flight, they also
have a very pleasant taste.  Congratulations for this product..."
M.D., Chile

"Now you can carry your sports drink in your pocket wherever you go!  
electroBlast is a great drink in the gym, on the field, or in the yard.  Just
pour it into a glass of water.  What could be easier.  It's not only good for
you; it tastes great too!"  
J.L., Pennsylvania

"Nutritious and convenient - No sugar. It's energy without the high/low
punch!" J.S., Wisconsin"Taste was very refreshing.  electroBlast tasted so
good I would purchase it over E'merGen-C."
D.O., Nevada

"Great taste, refreshing, not too sweet; most products on the market are
too sweet.  Can't get anything unsweetened to quench your thirst. Water
doesn't always quench my thirst, but this electroBlast lemon lime flavor is
S.B., Ohio

"I usually do not drink things like this because I can't stand the taste of
Gatorade, Power Aid or any of those.  But -- this one tastes great and
makes you feel good." B.B. Tennessee"It tasted very refreshing.  I liked the
idea that I could alter the strength of the flavor by the amount of water
used.  I like the tablets - I can carry them with me and they can be inserted
into a bottle of plain water."
S.F. New York

"electroBlast in water replaced the high carb juices and breakfast drinks
that had always been part of my weight problem.  Six months later, I'm 45
lbs. lighter and feeling great!  Thanks electroBlast!."
W.D., Massachusetts"

The idea that this product has [virtually] no carbs, no refiined sugar, and
no artificial sweeteners is what I really liked.  It's suitable for everyone!  
Another quality I liked is that it's a true thirst quencher!  The flavor of plain
water gets old sometimes, and electroBlast is just the thing to perk it up."
B.Kohnke, Wisconsin

"Being a diabetic, this product is great for me when I'm playing golf,
basketball, and doing Tai Chi."
M.C., Maine

I'm on a yeast-free/sugar-free diet and this is the first stevia drink I have
found.  What a great alternative.  No sugar is a wonderful option."
C.R., South Carolina

"As a fashion jewelry designer, working around the clock to meet the
deadline for my spring line opening show, electroBlast was a tremendous
help.  After taking 1-2 tablets per day during the days leading into the
show when I was under the most stress, I was surprised to be able to
sustain my energy and creative flow at such a high level and feel refreshed
at the show."

"Easier than competing products to use.  electroBlast puts less pressure on
the environment because packaging is simpler than prepared bottled
drinks. It will allow me to stay hydrated and healthy, especially in the hot
summer months.."
S.G., Virginia

"I really like the electroBlast product.  I feel an immediate burst of energy
when I drink one.  My body says Thank You!"  
S.S., Sales

"After taking electroBlast during a transatlantic flight, I stepped off the
plane in Paris the most refreshed I've ever felt after an 8  hour trip, and I
travel frequently."  
V.C., Events Planner, Washington, D.C.

"I'm over 65 and was surprised  how quickly electroBlast helped me.  When
I was fighting a mountaintop fire over the summer, the 40-something guys
were having to rest a lot more than me."
H.G. , Woodsman & Firefighter

"Most of our firefighters and EMT's have been dissatisfied with other
brands because of the taste, lack of other products' proper hydration
qualities, and its lack of portability.  Your product has given us the means
to provide a quality drink in a convenient manner.  In my department, I am
responsible for teaching firefighter rehabilitation to the EMT's and
electroBlast is now included in our SOG's."
J.V, Firefighter, EMT

"In the fire/rescue profession today, I often feel the need for immediate
refreshment & rehydration.  With this need, electroBlast has been a #1
choice for myself.  When I'm on the go at the racetrack, or on a fire scene,
electroBlast is a quick, convenient and healthy means of refreshment and
hydration.  Unlike all the other popular sport refreshment drinks,
electroBlast does not have an abundance of sugar and carbs.  With the
drop of a tablet into a bottle of water, you are done, and have an instant
drink...that is the ultimate convenience in my working conditions."
A.J.Wisconsin Fire Dept/EMT and Road America Safety Team FF/EMT
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