Military Lifesaver
Servicemen & Women - Guard against Dehydration
WHY TRY electroBlast?     

AND POTASSIUM. These are just 2 minerals than DON'T make
electrolytes. You need 11-12 trace-minerals to make electrolytes
which are the basic electrical charges for the body.

THE Electrolyte ADVANTAGE"electroBlast pump bottles are a leading
edge delivery system to encourage hydration with essential
electrolytes.  Dehydration can contribute to electrolyte depletion;
inattention; feelings of fatigue, other factors.        

TASTES GREAT Simply pour electroBlast in water for refreshment.  
Helps improve the taste of purified water to encourage

NATURALLY BETTER Contains no artificial flavors, colors, or
sweeteners.  The "Naturally Better Commitment to Our Customers"
says it all.    

PORTABLE, CONVENIENT Compact easily fit into a pocket, pack, or
flight bag for easy access wherever you are.    Pump bottles are small
enough to get through airport security!

LOW CALORIE Each serving of electroBlast has just 5 calories with no
sugar or artificial sweeteners.  Stay hydrated and avoid the sugar
high/crash cycle.        

anytime and anywhere, just pour electroBlast into cold or hot  water.  
Fits into most canteens and water bottles.  

FAST ABSORPTION PLUS Ionic trace minerals in electroBlast are
highly absorbable once dissolved in water.   

Comments from Sgt Eric Spaulding, Combat Medic/Lifesaver "Thanks
for the prompt shipment of your product.  I sent most to the guys in
Iraq, as they could use them most.  I took about 60 to Annual
Training...I could have used more.  I'm a combat medic/lifesaver
and would identify all soldiers with previous heat problems, and
would fill their canteens and add some and make them drink it before
they dug in the heat.  Along with the bee and hornet stings, I had
heat casualties - none were the ones I gave the tabs to - these
soldiers were first offenders of dehydration.  I can't thank you
enough for making my job easier and helping me take care of my

L.H., Helicopter Pilot  I wanted to relay to you how much the guys
over there in Iraq are loving those electroBlast paks.  I've been
sending them out in care packages for the last year or so to all our
platoon leader friends (Lieutenants and Captains in both the Marines
and the Army) and they in turn distribute them to their troops.  
When they write, they  always say to thank you for donating those.  
They love them over there.  I guess the temperatures have been
hovering around 135-145 degrees in some parts, and everyone goes
through tons of water, so electrolyte replacement is