Fortified Products
Running Mate Lemon Lime

Same great electrolyte but with extra

Replaces extra sodium lost during exercise
Magnesium protects against leg cramping

Plus this product balances the pH of water to 8.0
alkalizing it for maximum health advantage.


2 oz. size Makes 50 drinks

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Water Revitalizer

Same formula as the Running Mate only


2 oz. size Makes 50 drinks

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Need extra energy?
Need natural power without the sugar crash?
Want more stamina and endurance?
Desire to save money on your energy drink?

Then                        is for you

-our powerful energy concentrate provides instant results
- naturally-caffeinated (Please Use Responsibly)
-2 oz. pump bottle lets you meter how much caffeine you
-Each bottle Makes 50 8 oz. Drinks

Avoid the jitters - drink Diabetic Safe/ Zero calories

Zap! Lemon-Lime                           Zap! Austrian Fruit flavor