12-electrolyte Products
by electroBlast

Unflavored POWER Concentrate:
Add to any beverageWaterJuiceCoffee/Tea
or to any sports drinks as a power booster.

Fits in the palm of your hand
Easy pump delivery
Gives 30 drinks per bottle @10 pumps per 16 oz. beverage
Portable - can even get through airport security!

$8.99 for a 1 oz. bottle that delivers 30 drinks

This 12-electrolyte formula can add a necessary boost to any sports drink that only
contains 2-3 electrolytes. It can make water or any beverage a true electrolyte drink
and allow the user to choose whether they want carbs or sweeteners or not.

Flavored POWER Concentrates:
Same great electrolyte formula but with a flavor blast.
our flavoring contains natural oils
- no chemicals.


$17.99 - Comes in a 2 oz. pump bottle
Makes 60 drinks @10-15 pumps per drink to taste

Try us: 50% Discount 1st bottle Call 888-217-7233 for discount
POWER concentrates

electroBlast packets
Same great formula but with
natural lemon-lime and stevia

12 packets per box
Pour each packet
into 16 oz. water

$8.99 per box

Unflavored concentrate industrial size $16.99

4 oz. size can be dispensed into
two 5-gallon containers

Great for firefighters, water coolers,
construction and field workers

Water Revitalizer
2 oz. makes 50 drinks
Our standard 12 electrolyte concentrate
with extra sodium and magnesium
Alkalizes water to 7.0 pH+
Unflavored $18.99
When used with the Vortex Magnetic Energizer
you get water the way nature intended:

Vortex Magnetic Energizer

Make water the way nature intented - hexagonal. Makes water
wetter so the body absorbs it better. Rehdrates you a lot more

Magnetize your water: The body needs magnetic energy to
facilitate the electromagnetic function which facilitates
transmission of electrical energy to all our body function. Since
the earth''s magnetism is decreasing and since we spend a lot
of time without our  bare feet actually touching mother earth,
we need to find a way to increase magnetism. The Vortex
Magnetic Energize magnetizes the water as it goes through the
unit so you get the benefit. Plus magnetized water is more
alkaline - needed by the body to maintain health.

New & Improved! The Vortex Magnetized Energizer is an
amazing device specifically designed and engineered to activate
the full life force of your water. The device activates water by
creating a vortex and filtering it past magnets for regeneration.
It is not a filter in the conventional sense, because no
chemicals or sediments are trapped by the process. Negative
and harmful vibrations left by contaminants in your tap, filtered
or treated water are removed and healthful vibrations replace
them, creating living water.

The vortex created by this device mimics water in nature.
These vortices act as powerful resonant structures, energizing,
oxygenating, purifying and ionizeing the water as it moves. It
enhances the water''s ability to carry vibrations and frequency
information also increases. Vortexed water activates and
vitalizes the body, helping to prevent disease. Best used with
filtered or bottle water.

To maintain a pH of 7.0 we suggest adding the electroblast
concentrate Water Revitalizer to your container. This contains
12 electrolytes plus sodium, potassium and magnesium in a
convenient 2 oz. pump bottle. Each bottle makes 50 16 oz.
drinks.  Unit: $39.95

Stadion ™ Enhanced Sports Drink Concentrate
UnFlavored makes a total 120 drinks.  
This all-natural electrolyte boost is a perfect
addition for water or any beverage.
2 oz. size with water bottle $18.99

Stadion Plus ™ Enhanced Sports Drink Concentrate
Lemon-Lime Flavor with replacement levels of sodium
makes a total 40 drinks.  
This all-natural electrolyte boost is a perfect
addition for water.
2 oz. size with water bottle $17.99
Lemon-Lime with stevia